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I'm a theoretical physicist specializing in string theory and cosmology, on faculty at Harvey Mudd College. The purpose of this site is to reach out to a general audience interested in learning about some of the coolest ideas and discoveries in modern physics. I will try to post about one article per day about a topic of current interest, sometimes involving results only a few months old. The aim is to make the subject accessible to a wide audience of young students and older enthusiasts of physics. As Einstein once said, if you are not able to explain a physics topic to a non-physicist, you then do not understand it well yourself... beautiful physics is always simple, Nature always ticks with elegance and frugal rules. We often loose sight of this when we get entangled in the mathematical details.

I plan to cover a wide range of topics, covering all three pillars of modern physics: relativity, quantum mechanics, and gravitation. Subjects will range from black holes to superconductivity, from the fractional quantum hall effect to dark energy and the expansion of the universe, from string theory to condensed matter physics. If it is cool, recent, and fun, I'll write about it!

Each article is tagged by any of the keywords: relativity, quantum, or gravity. This is because all of modern physics is based on these three frameworks, each associated with a fundamental scale in Nature: the speed of light, Planck's constant, and Newton's constant respectively. These match with out count of the three basic perceptions of the world we have: length, time, and mass. See this post for a preliminary discussion of this perspective.

Each article is also categorized as either Frosh or Senior. A Frosh category article is targeted to a general audience; I will try to focus at first on these. A Senior category article will require a little more science background than usual. I will start adding these in due time.

I will also periodically add great quotes from the founders of modern physics. These are in a separate section.

Feel free to comment on the entries. I will try to answer your questions as much as possible. Note that comments will appear only after I view and approve them.


Vatche Sahakian
Physics Department
Harvey Mudd College 

Past affiliations: University of Chicago, Cornell, Caltech

This project is partly funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.


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