The Dark Side Of Things
Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 7:45PM
Vatche Sahakian in frosh, gravity, quantum, relativity

In recent years, astrophysicists (who were ridiculed for decades for good reasons...) have finally pinned down the most amazing fact about the universe: the stuff we and the stars are made of and that we can see all around us is a tiny fraction of what the whole universe is really made of... about 95% of the universe is built from an unknown type of "stuff" that we cannot see. If that is not freaky enough, most of this dark stuff, about 70% of the whole mass of the universe, is something totally beyond our grasp: it antigravitates, repels... This dark stuff is everywhere around us, and because of it, the universe is undergoing a violent explosive expansion. Lots of cool stuff to write about this that we now know; for now, check out this video: a bit sensationalist, but the content is basically correct:

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